Sunshine list for our four school boards

Here is a short list of salaries which is part of the annual disclosure of Ontario Public Service employees who earn more than $100,000 per year.
The Review published a similar list of earnings related to local municipalities, the Hawkesbury and District General Hospital, the Glengarry Memorial Hospital, the United Counties of Prescott-Russell and other local agencies in the March 28 edition. You can find that story on The Review’s website, or if you have access to our e-edition, you can search for it there, also.

Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario:

Director of Education:
William Gartland, $209,518

Associate Director of Education:
John Cameron, $157,636.55

Superintendent of Business & Treasurer:
Bonnie G. Norton, $135,629

Coordinator of Continuing Education:
Kevin Dionne,  $106,586

Coordinator of Special Education:

Corey Kalsi, $111,657.76

Principal of Religious Education & Family Life:
Paul Mantha, $125,744

Principal of Curriculum:
Brent Bovaird, $125,744

Superintendent of School Effectiveness:
Natalie Cameron, $140,845
Donaleen Hawes, $160,051
Thomas Jordan, $140,845

E-learning Coordinator:
Karen Tobin, $105,985


Conseil Scolaire De District Catholique De L’Est Ontarien:

Superintendent of Education:
France Lamarche, $145,129

Superintendent of Finance & Business:
Martin Lavigne, $149,702

Superintendent of Education:
Alain Martel, $142,315
Lyne Racine, $136,688


Conseil des écoles publique de l’est ontarien:

Stéphane Vachon, $156,988
Jean-Pierre Dufour, $146,776
Christian-Charle Bouchard, $139,490
Matthieu Vachon, $136,908
Ann Mahoney, $134,326

Director of Educational Services:
Amine Hakin Edoui, $133,906
Lucie Lahaie, $125,942
Ismael Abdi, $125,942
Jean-Francois Thibodeau, $125,871
Eric Gagnier, $123,861
Bianca Girard, $109,117
Valerie Beauchamp, $104,012

Director of Education:
Guylaine Gagné, $133,906

Director of Financial Services:
Danielle Ryan, $127,429

Director of International Education:
Jean-Marc Emery, $124,023

Director of Corporate Affairs:
Steve Brabant, $117,277


Upper Canada District School Board:

Stephen Sliwa, $219,000; Taxable benefits: $18,685.18

Principal of Special Education & Student Success:
Deborah Banks, $127,415

Principal of Teaching and Learning:
Anne-Marie Bulbeck, $141,785
Shelly Corlyon, $127,415

Principal of Safe Schools:
Robert Currier, $127,415

Principal of Student Success & e-Learning
Frank Hummell, $127,415

Superintendent of Accountability & Alignment:
Phil Dawes, $159,374

Superintendent of Business:
Nancy McCaslin-Barkley, $162,540

Superintendent of Schools:
Susan Edwards, $111,277
Ron Ferguson, $138,978
Tim Mills, $162,540
Valerie Allen, $162,540

Superintendent of Resources & Operations:
Jeremy Hobbs, $162,540




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