Here’s the list you’ve been waiting for. It’s called the “Sunshine List” and is an annual disclosure of public service employees who earn more than $100,000 per year.

The Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act requires most organizations that receive public funding from Ontario to disclose annually the names, positions, salaries and total taxable benefits of employees paid $100,000 or more in the previous calendar year.

The Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act applies to the provincial government, Crown agencies and corporations, Ontario Power Generation and subsidiaries, publicly funded organizations such as hospitals, municipalities, school boards, universities and colleges, and not-for-profit organizations that meet a funding threshold.

Town of Hawkesbury:

Yves Berniquez, $121,778.60
Taxable benefits: $1,377.46
Captain Firefighters
Michel Poulin, $128,457.02
Taxable benefits: $1,315.20
Captain Firefighter
Daniel Gascon, $129,305.62
Taxable benefits: $1,166.27
Captain Firefighter
Richard Guertin, $104,642.62
Superintendent, Water Services
Jean-Claude Miner, $116,737.09
Chief Building Official
Philippe Timbers, $110,242.35

Township of East Hawkesbury:

 Linda Rozon, $116,426.91
Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk-Treasurer

Champlain Township:

Paula Knudsen, $118,585.44, Chief Administrative Officer

Officer Jacques Gauthier, $100,911.72, Chief Building Official/Senior By-Law Officer

James McMahon, $100,776, Public Works Superintendent

The Nation Municipality:

Josée Brizard, $109,176.48, Clerk, Executive Director
Tobias Hovey, $103,842.36, Fire Chief/Health & Safety Officer
Guylain Lafleche, $108,554.88, Director, Planning and economic development,Executive Director,
Marc Legault, $118,053.60, Public Works Director, Executive Director
Cecile Lortie, $115,386.28, Treasurer/Director of Human Resources

Village of Casselman:

Alain Castonguay, $126,176.38
Taxable benefits: $15,078.50
Director of Environmental Services
Daniel Gatien, $128,819.33
Taxable benefits: $16,455.19
Director General
Linda Desjardins-Bergeron, $101,958.60
Taxable benefits: $702.48

Director of Public Works, Ryan Morton, $105,210.00

Glengarry Memorial Hospital:

Shelley Coleman, $112,592.14

Vice-President of Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Officer


Laurel Cote-Poirier, $113,326.02

Registered Nurse


Micheline Jeaurond, $111,316.39
Registered Nurse


Linda Morrow, $123,336.68

Chief Executive Officer


Linda Ramsay, $110,698.86

Vice-President of Support Services and Chief Financial Officer,


Eastern Ontario Health Unit:

Clothilde Howieson, $105,324.20

Senior Public Health Inspector


Linda Lanthier, $102,064.58

Program Manager


Suzanne Ross, $119,572.47

Senior Director


Sylvain Diotte, $102,327.54

Office manager


Patricia Gauley, $143,651.19

Taxable benefits: $1,072.10



Louise Simmons, $102,172.52

Program Manager


Lysanne Trudeau, $101,913.17

Program Manager


Linda Cleroux, $108,565.91

Program Manager


Nadine Stumpf, $103,063.63

Office manager


Frank Spagnolo, $136,056.19

Taxable benefits: $1,070.23



Shawn Pilon, $103,339.01

Office manager


Nicole Laplante, $143,816.20

Taxable benefits: $1,212.10



Therese Bourgeois, 120,301.99



Suzanne Beauchesne, $103,342.68

Office manager


Paul Roumeliotis, $327,371.41

Taxable benefits: $1,811.47

Medical Officer of Health/Chief Executive Officer


Chantal Sabourin, $100,726.21

Taxable benefits: $1,480.24

Program manager

United Counties of Prescott-Russell:


Line Fournier, $100,901.89

Supervisor, Prescott-Russell Residence


Louise Lalonde, $138,432.63

Taxable benefits: $1,205.74

Administrator, Prescott-Russell Residence


Melanie Gratton, $111,657.13


Assistant Treasurer

Paule Juillet, $111,657.16

Director, Nursing Services


Ingrid Kirallah, $100,388.10

Paramedic, Emergency Services


Daniel Lacelles, $101,174.35

Superintendant, Emergency Services


Robert Lafreniere, $105,617.59

Superintendant, Emergency Services


Carole Lavigne, $127,901.71

Taxable benefits: $1,097.02

Director, Economic development and tourism


Julie Menard-Brault, $122,985.30

Taxable benefits: $1,174.26



Sylvie Millette, $130,294.25

Manager, Social Services


Stephane P. Parisien, $209,883.11

Taxable benefits: $1,793.27


Marc-André Periard, $107,623.48

Assisant Chief, Emergency Services


Mario Periard, $100,547.20

Superintendant, Emergency Services


Louis Prevost, $138,432.67

Taxable benefits: $1,205.74

Director, Planning & Forestry


Louis Rathier, $128,425.28

Assistant head of operations, Emergency Services


France Ricard, $100,897.52

Head of Nursing Team,
Prescott-Russell Residence


Judith Richer, $101,352.67

Nursing Coordinator, Prescott and Russell Residence


Gisele Roy, $101,421.68

Supervisor, Human Resources


Carl Surprenant, $104,097.35

Paramedic, Emergency Services


Guy Tessier, $115,505.33

United Counties of Prescott And Russell

Manager, Public Works & Roads


Hawkesbury and District General Hospital:

Genevieve Arturi, $120,221.13

Director Mental Health and Addiction


Nathalie Aupin, $120,826.80

Taxable benefits: $1,250.77

Charge Registered Nurse


Rachel Blaquiere, $108,102.36

Registered Nurse


Johanne Boudreault, $107,910.04

Registered Nurse


Emelinda Bucaya, $123,061.00

Registered Nurse


Pierre-Luc Byham, $103,030.78

Executive director


Mathieu Charbonneau, $119,901.94



Martin Chartrand


Director of Information Technology


Barbara Crawford Newton, $119,226.95

Director of Professional Practice


Debbie Curren, $105,577.29

Registered Nurse


Lise Dugas, $111,741.76

Director Material Management


Guylaine Dupuis, $107,831.79

Human Resources Coordinator


Claire Gagnon, $100,881.01

Senior Technologist


Lynda Gohier, $106,323.85

Charge Registered Nurse


Sonia Gravel, $117,537.48

Registered Nurse


Sylvain Grenier, $106,290.35

Director of Ambulatory Care and Diagnostic Imaging


Lyne Hebert Mailette, $125,210.35



Ninon Jeaurond, $101,656.98

Registered Nurse


Imrana Jeoffrey, $149,336.82

Taxable benefits: $7,269.99

Vice President of Ambulatory care and quality


Stephane Lacroix, $112,579.62

Director, Directeur Physical Resources & Environment


Marc Lariviere, $100,264.05

Infection Control Professional


Gisele Larocque, $128,718.08

Taxable benefits: $7,112.88

Director of Community Relation, Corporate Program and Human Resources


Marc Leboutillier, $217,774.45

Taxable benefits: $16,713.71

Chief Executive Officer


Daniel Lebreux, $121,762.05

Director of Perioperative Care Service


Manon Leclair, $121,277.94

Registered Nurse



Marcel Leclair, $189,257.56

Taxable benefits: $1,570.56

Vice President of Finance and Corporate Services


Christine Lefebvre, $111,957.55

Registered Nurse


Sylvie Lefebvre, $132,190.30

Director Critical and Inpatient Care


Sandy Mallet, $102,067.88

Registered Nurse


Francois Martineau, $108,125.98

Taxable benefits: $1,353.03

Registered Nurse Educator


Chantal Mclean Leroux, $126,588.11

Director of Finance and Decision Support


Etienne Meloche, $100,365.64

Surgical first assistant


Helene Ouellette, $103,516.77

Project manager medical device reprocessing


Manon Parisien, $123,366.73

Senior Analyst Change Mananagement


Denise Picard-Stencer, $160,893.29

Taxable benefits: $8,872.40

Vice President Nursing Admin


Diane Poirier, $120,497.17

Counsellor for capital project


Hristo Radilov, $164,570.16

Registered Nurse


Guylaine Raymond, $100,780.19

Coordinator of ambulatory care


Marilyn San Pablo, $178,042.96

Registered Nurse


Audrey St-Pierre, $118,659.58

Taxable benefits: $1,169.52

Registered Nurse


Stojan Stojanovski, $127,182.06

Taxable benefits: $1,284.52

Registered Nurse


Natalie Strangelove, $102,047.72

Coordonator Mental Health and Addiction


Catherine Synnott, $102,350.87

Senior Technologist


Caroline Tadros, $125,765.06



Pierre Taillefer, $128,225.40

Registered Nurse


Natalie Therrien Miller, $111,524.90

Director of Diagnostic Imaging and Patient Registration


Diane Vaillant, Diane


Director Capital Poject


Annie Villeneuve, $125,119.34

Registered Nurse


Nancy Webber Nixon, $134,098.90

Taxable benefits: $1,153.92

Registered Nurse