As part of the 2018 Speaker Series, William Laing and Guylaine Lacroix will share stories and show photographs of their travels through the Northwest Passage, on Saturday, March 24 at 7:30 p.m. at Arbor Gallery.

Laing and Lacroix, of Mont St. Hilaire, QC, have travelled in the Arctic, Labrador and to Antarctica experiencing the extraordinary beauty of frozen lands and remote polar regions. In 2017, they celebrated retirement by embarking on a journey eastward through iceberg fields and navigable passages, visiting native villages, national parks, and photographing the spectacular scenery of the North.

“We are not scientists or environmental experts,” says Laing, “But we do enjoy travelling to remote areas, taking pictures and experiencing different cultures. We hope people will share our enthusiasm for adventure and travel. ”

Laing’s haunting photos of receding glaciers and melting icebergs are evidence of the changing climate as it affects the fragile ecosystem of the Canadian Arctic and Greenland.

The presentation will take place as part of a series entitled “Interactive Talks with Interesting People.” Arbor Gallery is situated at 36 Home Avenue, Vankleek Hill, Admission is $10 per person and includes refreshments provided by Kottage Kûche. For information, call: 613-678-5086.