To The Editor,

Father Pascal, acting pastor at St. Bernard Church, reminded parishioners last Sunday after mass that at all times we must be ready to accept the will of God. So, he did not need to attend the gathering (The Nation Muncipality council meeting) with his flock last Monday evening. I believe that he knew the will of God would be delivered somehow like the bishop who had said the lightning strike was the will of God which had drawn a few chuckles in the crowd attending the assembly in Fournier in April last year.

And lo and behold, it came to pass that municipal council, led by our mayor, flip-flopped again on its previously adopted position with regards to St. Bernard’s long-awaited possible designation as a heritage building.

I, for one, as a parishioner and a man of faith, can see in all this ongoing comedy that the Lord does work in mysterious ways. Indeed, He does. And in this case, He’s added His own brand of humor. Amen to all ye doubting brothers and sisters, listen.

When the bishop made an offer to the parishioners, they resoundingly and respectfully turned it down and right away put forth another one of their own to him. That’s when it happened: in a funny kind of way, it was not the bishop who spoke back to the parishioners’ offer. They were told by the voice of the mayor! Unbelievably they were told to shut up and take the bishop’s offer. It’s a good offer, he says, not even bothering to mention the offer we made to said bishop.

We await the bishop’s kind reply to our offer. As for the mayor’s opinion on our offer …..

Patrick Sloan, parishioner

Patrick Sloan