Vankleek Hill’s very own Zumba® super-group, the Zu-Lou Tribe, will be heading to Montreal on April 14 to take part in the “Bollywood Obsession Master Class,” a major event featuring international presenter Sucheta Pal from India, accompanied by some of the Montreal area’s most popular Zumba instructors, including Vankleek Hill’s Louise Stephenson.

Sucheta Pal is a Zumba Education Specialist and Global Brand Ambassador for Zumba® Fitness. Among her many honours, she was awarded the First Lady title by the Government of India and was a Women Super Achiever recipient at the 2017 World Women Leadership Congress. This exclusive Montreal appearance is her first event in Canada.

The event, taking place at Loisirs St-Henri, is organized by De La Cruz Events. When the organizers announced that they would hold auditions for guest presenters at the event, Stephenson jumped at the opportunity. “Sucheta is a true inspiration to me. Not only is she one of the most talented and respected Zumba instructors in the world, she’s also kind, generous and humble.” The local instructor was thrilled to find out she was one of six instructors selected. “It’s a huge honour to be selected to dance with Sucheta and all the superb instructors chosen to take part in this event,” Stephenson says. “I’ve been pushing myself to excel in my Zumba career for six years now, and it’s gratifying to see the opportunities and recognition that are coming my way as a result.”

Louise Stephenson, who is known in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec for her large-scale fundraisers and devoted participants, immediately approached her Zumba students about attending the event together. The group, dubbed the Zu-Lou Tribe, responded enthusiastically, with 25 Tribe members having purchased their ticket within a week of the announcement. The response was so positive that Stephenson decided to rent a bus to take the group to Montreal. A large part of the bus rental cost will be generously sponsored by Viterie Gauthier Glass in Hawkesbury and Zudio, Stephenson’s own Zumba studio.

Tickets are $30 each, but they are likely to sell out quickly, so interested Zumba lovers shouldn’t delay. For more information on this event, or to purchase a ticket to attend, contact Louise Stephenson at [email protected] or (613) 330-9678.


About Zumba on the Hill with Louise Stephenson

Louise Stephenson has been a Zumba instructor in Vankleek Hill for the past six years. Since obtaining her license in February 2012, she has taken an additional 40 major specialty and continuing education training, including ten that she hosted for local instructors. Louise was selected twice to appear on Zumba instructor DVDs, was asked to choreograph a song by Tony Mandell from France, and was the choreographer for the 2015 Footloose record-breaking attempt in Hawkesbury. Louise is best-known for her major Zumba fundraising initiatives, having raised over $122,000 for local causes to date, and for launching ZUDIO in 2016.

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