Arbor Gallery 2018 Speaker Series features a poignant film about the intelligence of trees and the complexity of forests on Saturday, March 10 at 7:30 at Arbor Gallery. The film, entitled “Intelligent Trees” highlights interviews with Peter Wohlleben, author of the bestselling book “The Hidden Life of Trees”.

Discussions about creating forever forests will follow, including plans for protecting 200 acres of farmland west of Vankleek Hill in order to establish the McAlpine Forever Forest and Memorial Tree Plantation.

“Many of us are devastated by the clear-cutting of trees in this area,” says Samme Putzel, coordinator of the 2018 Speaker Series. “We hope to discuss ideas on what people can do in a positive way to preserve forest acreage that is remaining.”

The presentation will take place as part of a series entitled “Interactive Talks with Interesting People”. Arbor Gallery is situated at 36 Home Avenue in Vankleek Hill, Admission is $10 per person and includes refreshments provided by Kottage Kuche. For information, call 613-678-5086.