Among the local “can’t miss this” of February’s Family Day long weekend events was the annual Clarence Creek car race event on an icy oval track. Once again this year, this classical event was a success on Sunday February 18 with packed grandstands and more than 80 vehicles registered, some of them being used in more than one class.

Josée-Ann Thibodeau competed in the ladies’ race for the third year. But this year her race car was a very special for Josée-Ann; she enjoyed a last ride in her faithful 10-year-old Nissan Versa.

“This car was my first-ever brand new car that I bought. In the last 10 years we put over 350,000 km on it. It meant something for me to put it in the ice races for its few last moments,” explained the Wendover resident.

“And my loyal car brought me to my first-ever racing victory on Sunday as I won the ladies’ race! It was the best farewell that my car could offer me.” Will this happy racing moment change Josée-Ann’s career’s goals?

“Oh no, it won’t! I had fun but I won’t change my profession because I won this just-for-fun event” concludes the mother of two, with a laugh.

Her husband, veteran stock car Karol Thibodeau, comments, “It was so stressful to watch my wife going around the track, I’m not used to being in the grandstands while Josée-Ann is racing; in summer it is always the opposite – I am in the race car at St-Eustache Speedway and she’s the one who’s watching!”

Text by S. Lauwers

Picture “cars on the track”:

Picture “Josee-Ann in front of her #49 Versa”: Karol Thibodeau

Josée-Ann Thibodeau tasted how sweet it is to win a feature race as she brought her good old #49 Nissan Versa to the checkered flag last Sunday, February 18, 2018 at the annual Clarence Creek winter races.