To the Editor,

I would like to thank our MP Francis Drouin for clarifying his position on the issue of the proposed cement plant. However, his statement raises concerns which I would like to share with affected local citizens.

Mr. Drouin stated: “This cement plant proposal has been a divisive issue for the community”. The cement plant is not by any means divisive to the community, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. The community at large is united, not divided, in the refusal of this project. As Mr. Drouin stated, the Ottawa River and the quality of life of local residents will be impacted. Everyone, except a few individuals, agrees with that. So how can Mr. Drouin argue that this cement plant proposal is divisive? I suppose he must be referring to a division between local citizens and politicians.

I refuse to give false hope to my community knowing full well, that if I scream loud I cannot follow-up with action”. A political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires rather than using rational arguments is actually the one who did not forget what the principles of democracy are. An elected MP is a person who shall never forget that “we, the people” elected them to convey our collective desires and he shall represent our wishes regardless of his personal opinion, whether those desires are rational or not. Mr. Drouin should scream loud and clear that as our democratically elected representative, he is in agreement with the constituency and WILL follow up with action. Because in the end, Mr. Drouin is elected to represent the wish of we, “the people”.

“I understand certain politicians may be persuaded to weigh in on issues of other jurisdictions but as it stands today, a Federal Member of Parliament weighing in on municipal issue is all bark with no bite”.  A Federal Member of Parliament, understanding the principles of democracy shall never say that representing the wishes of his own constituents is a bark with no bite. This is a blunt disregard of the citizens that Mr. Drouin should be representing. I find that Mr. Drouin’s letter is a big disappointment to me and I believe, to many others who still have faith in what democracy really means. In the larger perspective though, we should be thankful. It clearly exposed the broken political system we have where our own MP’s are representing their masters in Ottawa rather than the people who pay their salaries. That’s us, Mr. Drouin.

B. Michalsky,
Champlain Township

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