The City of Lachute has completed several road repair projects in the municipal network. Among these projects, is the replacement of a defective valve on a main pipe drinking water of 400 mm as well as works of inspection of valves. The new flapper improves the circulation of water in the aqueduct system, particularly in the area of ​​Cristini and Felix-Touchette Streets.

The work was carried out by a specialized contractor, in collaboration with the public works team. The role of the team assigned to the city’s aqueducts was to manipulate several master valves in order to avoid as much as possible the problems on the network and to ensure safety of workers when replacing the valve.

In addition to two days of work, the Engineering and Public Works teams completed four days of preparation, in order to ensure the efficiency of the operations and to minimize the negative impact on the water system across Lachute. The project to improve the drinking water reservoir, located behind the old SGL factory was completed at the end of November by the same contractor. The work consisted the addition of a wall valve between the two parts of the tank in addition to cleaning and disinfecting. This work allows Lachute to increase the volume of water available in case major fire or problem at the Drinking Water Station on Dunany Road. The total project cost was $42,986.

Replacement of a pipe on avenue de Lorraine

Lachute replaced drainage pipeline in the area of Avenue de Lorraine in October. The new pipeline will strengthen the network and promote the good flow of surface water. Replacement of this infrastructure will also limit the risk of water accumulation on the streets upstream, during strong rain or melting of snow in this area. The total project cost was $36,748.20.

Following the approval of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Fight against climate change (MDDELCC), work to set up a rainwater network has begun on Legault Street at the corner of Pavillon Street. This project follows the work already done in 2016 on Hamford Street. The project should be finished by December 15. It will relieve pressure from the single network of rue Legault, the sanitary network and the pumping station on Hamford Street. This project will cost $74,615.14.