The Nation Municipality wants to put the spotlight on its volunteers and citizens can help! To officially recognize its exceptional volunteers, The Nation Municipality has adopted a new Volunteer Recognition Policy and will organize the first annual gala to celebrate community involvement on January 27, 2018. Volunteers from the community centres, parks, libraries and various committees throughout the municipality will be invited to attend a gala in their honour. Four volunteers will receive the first-ever Volunteer of the Year awards. These rewards, which will be presented to four volunteers each year, will recognize the efforts of one outstanding volunteer from each ward who gives time to their community, whether through service or social clubs, schools, sports associations etc.

Residents are invited to nominate a local volunteer who has excelled in the past year or over the course of many years for the Volunteer of the Year Award by completing the form on the website, From the pool of candidates, one winner per ward will be chosen by the councillors and the Nation Municipality Recreation and Culture Advisory Committee. The deadline to submit applications is December 22, 2017. The winners of the Volunteer of the Year awards will be announced at the gala on January 27, 2018.