FitLife gym opened its doors in Hawkesbury back in 2013 and has rapidly become a one-stop shop to get in shape. The business recently opened a 2000-square-foot cross training space that is available to anyone with a membership – with no extra fees.

Marc Charles was a personal trainer working in various gyms in the Vaudreuil area when he was approached by Bill Harden, a well-known developer, to open a gym with him on his County Road 17 development. Marc Charles jumped on-board and the venture is now a reality; Charles runs the gym with his partner and girlfriend, Jodie Taylor.

“Running a gym is not only living our passion on a daily basis but it’s also seeing people change with time and get in better shape. I have clients who have been with us since day one and it’s always amazing to see all of them get in better shape and living a healthy lifestyle. It’s very gratifying for the client and it makes me and Jodie really proud of offering this service to the community,” says Charles.

Charles decided to remove the squash service from the gym, stating that there wasn’t enough interest for it and that it required too much square footage. He replaced it with cross training, which is really in trend with the times. Cross training was used by athletes who practiced sports because of the versatility it offered. Today, more and more people opt for cross training because it’s more fun than lifting weights or walking on a treadmill.

“Cross training is very motivational. Lifting weights is super fun for me, I’ve been doing it since my teen years, but it’s not super-fun for the majority of people that come to the gym. Rarely will you find a huge cross training facility coupled with a full service gym. Our personal trainers can now offer a dynamic program to our clients and keep them interested, motivated and in shape!,” said Charles.

According to him, people need to stop relying on the dreadful treadmill to get in shape. Yes, people who spend hours each week on a treadmill will lose weight and see results on the scale, but they’ll also eat away at their muscles. He personally recommends using the treadmill as a warm-up exercise and then moving on to other activities.

At FitLife gym, you pay a regular membership and you get access to classes, a weight room and all the other machines and also the brand new cross training area, without paying extra. Charles recommends buying a tailored training session every now and then to change up the training program.

There is a nutritionist on staff with a kinesiology background and multiple personal trainers. FitLife also offers massages, facials, spa services, and laser hair removal all under the same roof. FitLife is located at 452 County Road 17, suite 60 in Hawkesbury. To get in touch, email [email protected] or call (613) 632-5433.