“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.  Benjamin Franklin.  It was one of my business professors that introduced me to this quote during a business planning class.  The phrase stuck with me.

As I began my planning process for 2018, I realized that many entrepreneurs and “entrepreneurs to be” are also doing the same thing.  Successful entrepreneurs know the importance of planning and have regular time set aside in our schedules for planning.

If I can give any advice to would be entrepreneurs, it would be start planning early.   Make a business plan and enlist the help of experts.  The Entrepreneurship Centre Prescott -Russell’s Business Start Up Handbook suggests developing a relationship early in the planning process with a lawyer, accountant and a bookkeeper.

A new business requires a tremendous amount of dedication and perseverance.  Armed with a well thought-out business plan, and the advice of trusted experts, we can stay focused on all the other tasks involved with operating our successful businesses.

Kimberly Fetter is an Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada – Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB) and founder of Tally Beans Bookkeeping Solutions.  With a lifelong love for all things entrepreneurial and seventeen years of business experience, Kimberly strives to add value to small business clients by streamlining bookkeeping processes through the adoption of time saving technologies.   Along with a love for small business, Kimberly and family are devoted to Vankleek Hill and contribute to many community initiatives that ensure Vankleek Hill remains a vibrant and viable region.  Kimberly lives in Vankleek Hill with her husband and two daughters.