October 23, 2017 – The War Amps 2017 address labels are being mailed to Ontario households starting this week. The theme, “Making a Difference,” shows how The War Amps is helping child amputees keep up with their peers and achieve their goals.

Megan, 6, was born a left arm amputee and is a member of The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program. In a letter accompanying the address labels, her parents write about how the CHAMP Program has provided financial assistance for artificial limbs, such as a waterproof swim arm, and the opportunity to attend regional seminars where Megan has formed lifelong friendships with other young amputees.

“The War Amps is making a difference in Megan’s life in so many ways, and in the lives of other amputees across Canada. We would like to thank all those who have donated, which makes this possible,” writes Sally and Chris.

Sent as a thank you to supporters of The War Amps Key Tag Service, address labels are not just for envelopes! They can be used to identify items like books, and for filling out name and address information on forms.

The War Amps receives no government grants. Its programs are possible through public support of the Key Tag and Address Label Service. For more information, or to order address labels, visit waramps.ca or call toll-free 1 800 250-3030.