The Battle of Glengarry: War of 1812 Re-enactment that took place at the Glengarry Pioneer Museum on September 23 and 24 and organizers would like to thank the Scotiabank in Alexandria for its financial contribution towards this community event, as well as for their staff’s time volunteering over the weekend. It was the hottest event at the museum all season, heightened by the wool uniforms that many of the re-enactors were wearing as they portrayed military and civilian life during the War of 1812. Pictured from left to right are Museum Chairperson James Prevost, Scotiabank Customer Representative Cheryl Baron Ingola, Customer Relations Representative Audrey Kennedy and lastly, Re-enactment Chairperson Jim Mullin. Thanks also goes to Scotiabank staff member, Michelle Simard and her children Gabrielle and Victoria for volunteering during the re-enactment. Without contributions such as these, it would be difficult to put on such wonderful historical events in the community. On a second note, the Glengarry Pioneer Museum passes along best wishes and congratulations to Audrey Kennedy who was working her last day at the bank before retiring on September 29. She has volunteered at the museum for many years and her enthusiasm and kindness in this community are appreciated.