Let’s be clear: Ontario municipalities have the authority to regulate clear-cutting. Quebec municipalities regulate their forests and the sky hasn’t fallen. A short time ago, Mayor Gary Barton expressed concern about the loss of forest cover in Prescott-Russell. Now, it seems, “…there is no one anxious to take this on…I don’t think there is an appetite for this… I am of the opinion that the mayors are not interested in getting involved…”
There’s certainly no doubt where Mayor Barton stands on the issue, but let’s hear from all the mayors. Let’s hear them declare that they are environmentally irresponsible. Let’s hear them admit failure to exercise the leadership granted to them. Put bluntly – let’s hear them pass the buck. MPP Grant Crack also joins this lot as his enthusiasm for clear-cutting goes beyond the politically expedient.
It would be impolitic to use words such as spineless, gutless or craven; so I will refrain.
In 2018, provincial and municipal politicians must face the electorate. It’s time voters enacted clear-cutting of a different sort.
ian hepburn