In response to Champlain Township’s decision on clear-cutting, it didn’t surprise me one bit. In regards to the statement that Casselman would not be interested in implementing a clear-cut ban, Mr. Barton, why should they? There is nothing left there, anyway. Check your figures, please. Casselman was at 3.6 per cent coverage two years ago. By now, there is nothing left to save. I figure the rest of southeastern Ontario should be in the same condition shortly.
Am I the only person who connects the strange weather we’ve been having ever since the clear-cutting really took off? Other people tell me, it wouldn’t affect the weather and I think to myself, what are you . . . a retired metereologist or weatherman, or just some guy with an opinion?
It’s happening again, just like 100 years ago. My thinking is if we continue to lose the trees, will the foul weather just last that much longer? What’s it going to take — a give-year drought or hey, a 10-year drought, and after your insurance doesn’t pay any more, and your drops are rotting in the field, I know you’ll have your hand out to the government for a bail-out and that’s where I get upset, because we are the government and why should we bail out the very people responsible for the carnage? No way.
This scenario is so repetitive, the mayors of the United Counties in all of their full terms of office never lifted a finger to stop the Quebec assault over decades and here we are at a time of Houston flooding, Mexico being destroyed by earthquakes, hurricanes hitting all the islands . . . some will take years to recover, if they ever do and here we have a Quebec clear cutter, our own natural disaster, raping our land out of control, trying to make ends meet at the expense of your forest and environment, because he cannot do it in Quebec.
We are right now experiencing an environmental genocide, and our own local government continues its course of non-involvement.
I ask our mayors … what is this love affair you have with Quebec. Please explain it to me, to us, in a letter to this newspaper. What are we paying you for, anyway?
So when I look at the big picture, we have farmers who are above the law, we have Quebecers who can do as they please and we have a small group of mayors in a small part of Ontario with so much power, too much power, who answer to no one and can choose to totally destroy our environment for decades.
Scary, ain’t it?
Andy Perreault,
Vankleek Hill