The Editor,
Another collision at the intersection causing human injuries.
Is it not obvious that after so many years and consultant reports on this intersection, our MPP does not really care and has very little concern to address the issue?
I saw an accident after the impact before emergency services arrived. The no front license plate vehicle simply kept its speed, not even slowing down on Tannery Road in time for the large stop sign heading south to cross the busy intersection.
Not really concerned for the occupants of the vehicle, she T-boned, her priority seemed to be her cell phone as she conversed on it as she exited her 4×4.
Back to getting a solution to the continuously-re occurring collisions.
The local area citizens who must cross this intersection regularly are obviously not important to our MPP nor the MTO representing our provincial government.
But hiring and spending our funds on consultant firms over and over again is important? No solutions or suggestions get undertaken, but lots of paper, meetings, reports are undertaken by more consultants who get contracted to complete more studies and are paid to do so. Is this considered action by our MPP, the MTO and our provincial government?
After decades of the same old, same old, this, to me anyway, is completely unacceptable. Shame on all of us by letting this circus continue.
Richard Charest,

31 accidents at this intersection in last five years. Read story here.