Champlain Township has acquired the vacant lot at 39 Main Street beside the Vankleek Hill Post Office and plans to create a park/green space there. But there’s more. The cenotaph will be relocated there from its current location in front of Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute.
Champlain Township will use funds from the Vankleek Hill Hydro Reserve to pay the $65,000 sale price of the lot.
In addition, the township has also arranged for the transfer of land from the Anglican Diocese in order to extend Church Street and obtain a portion of land at the rear of 39 Main Street.
There will be $234,923 left in the Vankleek Hill Hydro reserve after the township pays $65,000 for the lot. The reserve was created when the Vankleek Hill Hydro Commission was sold to Hydro One. At the time of the sale, the proceeds were set aside to be used for projects or initiatives for Vankleek Hill residents as the funds were derived from Vankleek Hill Hydro Commission customers.

Church Street will become a designated street; it was previously private property but the township has been clearing the snow from this unofficial Church Street during the winter months for several years now.