The Town of Lachute, in collaboration with the Argenteuil Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIA), sent a press release asking tenants and businesses not to park all day on Main street. The issue stems from tenants and business owners using Main street parking spots as personal parking spots.

“There are no parking rotations which means that potential customers or tourists have to find parking elsewhere,” says Vincent Bélanger, interim-president of the CCIA.

“Main Street has a two-hour parking maximum, but as of now, it is not really enforced. We have asked the SQ to be more vigilant and thorough concerning the parking. But we would really rather have the cooperation of the population before handing tons of tickets, which is why we are communicating our message through multiple channels.”

The town’s executive director, Benoît Gravel, invites people who need to park on Main Street for long periods of time to reach agreements with the owners of the parking lots located behind the commercial buildings instead of parking on Main street.

The Town of Lachute reminds its citizens that they have projects in the works to create more accessible parking lots.

“Access to parking lots on Main Street can significantly drive up sales for businesses for a lot of our members. It’s just common sense,” concluded Bélanger.