Founded in 2000, Route des Arts is a non-profit organization that showcases the artists and artisans of the Southwest Laurentians. Route des Arts offers a unique opportunity for viewers and artists to interact; each contributor opens their studio to the public for the duration of the event.

From sculptures to paintings to textiles, this year’s Route des Arts features exhibits to suit all tastes. Included in the circuit are such pieces as Don Peters’ simple yet haunting photographs; Jean Kazemirchuk’s brightly surreal dreamscapes; the paper sculptures of Guy Vidal; Jeanne Mance Laplante’s deceptively childlike mixed media; and Marjolein Dallinga’s renowned felted costumes, which have been featured in Cirque du Soleil.

Certain examples of the more artisanal exhibits are Deux Caboches and Catherine Bossé of TriCycle, who will be exposing original fashion pieces and accessories; Richard Sunerton and his carefully knife handles; and Marie-Claude Décarie’s ocean-inspired jewellery.

Also on the circuit is the Gallerie Collective Route des Arts, in which various pieces from this year’s artists will be on exhibit. Situated at the Saint-Louis de France church in Brownsburg-Chatham, the gallery will also be exposing the poetically delicate acrylics and mixed media of Annie Méthot.

Route des Arts, which began July 15, will be ending on July 23. The circuit covers areas in Argenteuil, Oka, Sainte-Placide, and Mirabel, among others. More more information on Route des Arts or its contributors, visit