Pleasant Corners Public School (PCPS) held its graduation ceremony on Tuesday June 27. Several students were awarded trophies for their achievements during the school year. The award winners were as follows:

The Nathalie Clermont Trophy for French: Emily Morency;
The MacDonald Trophy for Excellence in Language Arts: Elizabeth Evans;
The K & W Assaly award for Excellence in French as a Second Language: Ashleigh Picard;
The Folkard-Stewart Drama Award for Outstanding Performance in Drama: Jakob Zihlmann;
The MacLeod Trophy for Excellence in Music: Tamara Larocque-Hotte;
The LeRoy Trophy for Excellence in Health & Physical Education: Ella Larocque;
The Bob Neild Trophy for Outstanding Achievement in History: Megan Parent;
The Dunsmore Trophy for Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics: Anastasiia Vynohradova;
The Peggy Carpenter Trophy for Excellence in Geography: Anastasiia Vynohradova;
The Kelly Trophy for Outstanding Achievement in Science: Anisa Kazi;
The Wyman Bradford Award for Student Reaching Potential: Mati Gouskos;
The Knox Presbyterian Church Citizenship Award for Outstanding Contribution in all Areas of Student Life: Emma Lightle-Blais;
The Volunteerism Award: Ashleigh Picard;
The Burwash Trophy for Best Female Athlete: Emily Morency;
The Fitzpatrick Trophy for Best Male Athlete: Andy Lightle-Blais;
The Cunning Trophy for Highest Academic Achievement: Megan Parent and Aaish Adnan;
The Principal’s Award for Student Leadership: Chelsea Sauve;
The Freda Todd Award for Artistic Talent in Creative Writing or Visual Arts: Christine Peters;
The Carkner Trophy for Most Improved Male: Luke Goosen;
The Rainey Trophy for Most Improved Female: Stephanie Guindon-MacNicholl;
The Trustee’s Award for Character Education: Maya Saini;
The Perseverance & Resiliency Award: Angelaca Hendrix;
Valedictorians: Emma Lightle-Blais and Chelsea Sauve.

Chelsea Sauve (center) receives the Principal’s Award for Student Leadership, presented by former principal Mary Leduc (right) and current principal Dominique Bertand, at the PCPS Graduation on June 27.


Aaish Adnan (center) and Megan Parent (second from right) receive the Cunning Trophy for Highest Academic Achievement, presented by teachers Rob Brougham (left), Ashley Hamel (second from left), and Sean Blaine (right), at the PCPS Graduation on June 27.

Maya Saini receives the Trustee’s Award for Character Education, presented by principal Dominique Bertrand (left) and School Board Trustee Carol Carkner against the backdrop of a mural painted by the eighth grade students to commemorate the occasion.

A short photo session as the students were presented with their awards.

Friends and family sat proudly by their graduating students.