Township staff have corrected inaccuracies in 374 tax accounts in North Glengarry, according to a press release issued by the municipality this week. There were 551 accounts with errors in total, with the remaining 177 accounts are being reviewed by auditors from Deloitte.

In a written statement, North Glengarry CAO Daniel Gagnon said these last accounts are more complicated, “where we see a combination of factors working at the same time.” For example, a tax account with an inconsistency that also had late payments is more difficult to fix.

The municipality first announced that it had discovered problems, which it said “typically relate to the manner in which payments, penalty and interest were applied and reported,” on February 2.

The process of correcting inconsistencies in tax accounts is separate from an investigation being conducted by forensic accountants from Deloitte into the cause of the problems. The audit began in late March with the goal of clarifying “if fraud is a root cause of the taxation discrepancies,” according to the township.