Tours at the historic SDG jail will begin on May 23 and run until August 25. Tour guides will offer guests an interactive experience in the facility, which was built in 1833.

While various organizations have offered the service in the past, it is the first year the Counties will be offering tours, under the new SDG tourism division. In addition to the tours, an in-house visitor’s centre has been created inside the jail to promote tourism throughout SDG.

Jail tours will run every 20 minutes and interested individuals and groups are encouraged to call 613-935-4891 to book.  Bookings can also be confirmed via email at [email protected].

The county jail building was originally constructed in 1833 and remained operational over a period of 168 years until it was closed in 2002.  The facility housed inmates from Cornwall and across the modern day United Counties of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry. The County Jail is maintained in almost the same condition as it was upon its closure with historical artifacts and displays arranged around the building.  This historical site is one of the oldest public structures in Ontario. Visitors are able to tour through the cell blocks, exercise yard, governors’ residence, guards’ station and more.