A photo of a bear taken near Rockland and posted on Facebook on May 18. The police are warning of a bear seen near Wendover, and it's not known if this is the same bear.

OPP warn of bear sighting near Wendover

The OPP is warning residents of Wendover in Alfred-Plantagenet of a black bear sighting near Nine Mile Road. “Although the bear appeared to be roaming around and was not in danger of harming anyone, the OPP would still like to remind residents that extreme caution should be taken if a black bear is spotted,” said a press release issued by the police.

The statement recommended removing or protecting bird and pet food, garbage, and grease and food residue on barbecues, and says if you see a bear near a school, residence, or other populated areas you can call 911. If a bear is roaming through garbage cans, climbing a tree or moving through a rural property without lingering” call the non-emergency Bear Wise reporting line at 1-866-514-2327.

The photo above was posted by Gilbert Duval, who wrote on Facebook that it was taken near Rockland. It’s not known if the bear in the photo is the same one that was spotted near Wendover.


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