By Lynn Macnab 

The latest event at Dalkeith Plus was once again a success with almost every seat in the old library occupied to hear Jerry Boroff’s talk on simple plumbing fixes. Many people walked away with much more knowledge of sinks, drains, faucets and how to fix plumbing problems.

“People are coming out and supporting the talks and events,“ said Brenda Noble, chair of Dalkeith Plus. “And we’ve had so many volunteers help catalogue donated books that we can now accept more material.”

Last year Noble took on the cause to save the Dalkeith Library after the SD&G (Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry) Library board decided to shut it down along with a few others in Eastern Ontario.

At the time members of North Glengarry council agreed that it would become a community building run by volunteers and would encompass not only a library but become a type of meeting place for residents.

Volunteer librarian and art instructor Margaret MacMillan is thrilled with the classes she’s been giving and will hold an art show this coming Friday from 6:30 to 9pm. “The students will be displaying their art and selling some if it,” MacMillan pointed out. “They’re really good, some much better than mine.”

The retired schoolteacher from Glen Sandfield area was very impressed with the quality of the art and is amazed that students are selling their work as cheap as they are. “Some really nice work is being sold for $35.”

A presentation on a Yukon River paddle and the Gold Rush was presented in January and will be given again in April.
Other events coming up include an Easter egg hunt and seed planting April 8, Mother’s Day Crafts, Dig It, May 6, Community Garden Planting, June 3, and Pork roast July 22.
Cookie of the Month volunteers are providing sweets so every event is not only interesting but also provides delicious treats, tea and coffee.

Cataloguing with Aunt Susan is a session teaching people how to get books from the donation pile to the shelf, professionally. Dalkeith Plus has now over 5000 donated books.

The Human Library is also an area of interest where attendees can listen to enthusiasts talk about their areas of expertise instead of taking out a book on the subject or while taking out a book.

“Man and Card Night is on Thursday nights and is always busy. It’s been a great success,” said Noble of Dalkeith Plus. “We could never have done it without all the volunteers.”

Memberships are available at Dalkeith Plus for $25 and include the use of computers, internet and the withdrawal of books, movies and CDs.