The Fusion Atom A2 team, coached by Robert Lamonde, Stéphane Séguin, Guy Mayer and Jason Kusz won gold last weekend, at their final tournament of the season in Saint-Ubalde.

The team had a very strong start in the round robin beating the St-Donat Dragons 8 to 0. In its second round robin game, the team was edged out by the Valcartier Chevaliers, 4 to 3. The Fusion rallied back in the semi-final round with a hard fought 1-0 victory against the Nicolet Panthers, which qualified the team for the finals where they once again faced the Valcartier Chevaliers.

Fusion seized the chance to redeem themselves and came out playing at the top of their game to defeat the Chevaliers with a 6 to 2 victory. This season, the team has taken top place in all four of their tournaments. The players are: Nikolas Mayer (C), Xavier Asselin (A), Derek Hamel (A), Christopher Van Westerop (G), Thomas Fader, Felix Séguin, Michael Van Westerop, Mikael Assaly, Miguel Laviolette, Zachary Lamonde and Alex Levac.

Article submitted by Heather Van Westerop, Fusion Atom A2 manager.