Saturday, February 11, at Arbor Gallery, Ian Hepburn and William Laurin describe their experiences while teaching mindfulness in area schools. As part of the 21st Speaker Series 2017, the two presenters will evaluate the successes and challenges of working with students at elementary and high school levels through Healing Harp and Restorative Drumming.
“The OPENSPACE project works to help our children seize the only time and only place there is,” says Hepburn, describing his approach. “Right Now. Right Here. No labels. No boxes. Just This – Open Space.”
Three components give students the tools to see the limitless possibilities of their lives, beyond labels of learning disabilities that give rise to anxiety and the sense of personal failure. Guided mindfulness practice addresses entire classes. Drum circles happen among small groups of students. Harp work addresses individuals in one-to-one sessions.
Mindfulness training is designed to embody the basic principal that each individual lives in This Moment and This Moment contains all possibilities. No one can be defined by just one state of being or one state of thought.
Ian Hepburn has a background as a classical pianist and has taught piano and harp locally for forty years. His speciality is Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy. William Laurin brings his love of drumming and its potential for personal expression to his teaching. He has toured throughout Canada, the United States and France.
As part of the series entitled “Interesting Talks with Interesting People”, the presentation will take place at Arbor Gallery, 36 Home Avenue, Vankleek Hill on Saturday evening February 11 at 7:30 p.m. A presentation in French will take place Friday night, February 10, entitled “Connaissez Vous Le Gaspillage Alimentaire?” Admission is $10 per person and includes refreshments provided by Golden Hill Juices, a recently-opened business on Main Street in Vankleek Hill. For more information, call 613-678-5086.