The Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute Interact Club attended WeDay at the Canadian Tire Centre on Wednesday November 9; the event celebrates young people moving toward a more helpful world by taking action through social justice work.

‘Me to We’ is a non-profit organization that helps bring people, together to fundraise and to take action on a cause. WeDay is a day to celebrate young people on their accomplishments of helping people either in their community or in a different country or even finding a way to help the environment. You cannot buy a ticket to WeDay; young people have to earn their attendance through work and effort to help others. Motivational speakers and great musicians come out to speak and sing.

The Interact Club from Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute was privileged to go to WeDay, thanks to all of the work completed during the past year. The club fundraised for multiple causes. For instance, club members hosted a used book sale and henna sale to support Syrian refugees, the group held several bake sales for various issues, and members collected canned goods to donate to the food banks in the area. These helpful projects were recognized by the ‘Me to We’ organization, adding to their experiences, as this was not the first year they have gone.

“A driven student is a driven person,” said Natalie Kouao, the teacher in charge of the Interact Club at VCI. “I think it good for driven students to come in contact with strivers and people that have done things with their lives. It keeps them motivated.”

Indeed, amazing motivational speakers were indeed at WeDay. From Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, to Hedley, the band, the day was one that will not be forgotten. The day was planned to demonstrate ways through students’ home life, life in the community, life in the country, and life in the world to become a person of helpfulness and inspiration for others.

“It’s very inspiring to actually do things instead of just thinking about doing them,” Isabelle Dufour, a Grade 12 student who is a part of the Interact Club, said after WeDay. This is exactly what the ‘Me to We’ organization wants young people to do. They want them to take a cause and make it their own to make the world a better, happier, healthier place for us to live in peace.
Thanks to Madeleine Fortin for writing this article and sharing a photograph with The Review.