From November 25 to 27, the Vankleek Hill Community Centre welcomed the annual “Fantastic Christmas Craft Fair,” which celebrated its 35th anniversary in the recently renovated arena hall.

Dozens of artisans were present with a variety of unique and hand-crafted items. The Chocolate Box was there with a delectable assortment of chocolates, including Shelley Mullin’s famous “Texas Trash” and her to-die-for peppermint patties.

Sandy Roddick of “Rod Whin Natural Candles” says that the secret to a quality candle is simplicity. He and his wife, Joceylne melt down wax, add colour, fragrance and a wick and there you have a natural soy and palm wax candle. At this time of year, Roddick says the “Cranberry Spice” and “Hot Apple Pie” candles remain his top sellers.

Sandra Daigle of Hillcrest Farm says that there are few things that say Vankleek Hill like gingerbread. The town is famous for the gingerbread in its architectural detail, but if Daigle has her way it will also be famous for her gingerbread cookies.

Reenie Marx is a local photographer with a talent for capturing images that the naked eye may skip over. Her new “illuminations” exhibit features photographs on glass, which are made to be hung from a window like stained glass. The process is almost as unique as her subjects.

For artist Hélène Charbonneau, the medium is almost as important as the subject. In addition to painting on canvas, she also paints on slate. She acquires most of her slate from schools that are phasing out their black boards. The school of origin is indicated on the back of the art piece and adds to the mystery of her slate paintings.