To The Editor,

The Christmas Basket programme started more than 35 years ago with donations of food from the community but the need obviously went beyond Christmas. It existed, and exists throughout the year and so the food bank was established. Surplus food collected for the Christmas baskets was used to meet this need. A thrift shop was established to augment the funds and still has an amazing selection of good quality clothing. The Lions Club organized a Guignolée and more recently an annual Jamboree has been established in July.

Christmas gifts for children were added to the baskets some years ago through the generosity of the patrons of Nicko’s Resto Bar.
This year the Guignolée will be held on December 7 starting at 6 p.m. with volunteers operating out of the Archie Hardy Hall of Knox Church and attempting to canvas the whole of Vankleek Hill seeking donations of non-perishable food stuffs.

The food bank is not allied to any particular church. It is a community organization, operated by volunteers, hosted rent-free by Knox Presbyterian Church and can be contacted at 613-678-8119.
The Guignolée embodies the spirit of Christmas – not just in sharing with family, friends and perhaps neighbours but in making provision for any who are needy, discouraged, struggling to make ends meet. Some may be people we know but do not suspect their predicament while others are strangers.

Please support the volunteers participating in the Guignolée and show once again that the spirit of Christmas is alive and well in Vankleek Hill.

Robert Martin,
Treasurer, the Community
Assistance Fund