A new stationery store in Alexandria has opened just in time for Christmas. At the “Left & Write” stationery store you can purchase a variety of unique and stylish cards that cater to the season and the occasion.

Anick Bauer owns the store, which she says combines her passions for art and calligraphy. Many of the designs on the greeting cards were designed by Bauer, who is a professional graphic designer. Most of the cards bear inspirational messages and quirky designs. There are also screen-printed tea towels and pillows and a small selection of gift items.

The store is small, but it has just what you’re looking for if you want a personalized card that can’t be found anywhere else.

As a left-handed writer, Bauer also intends to stock some art supplies customized for fellow lefties. This will include scissors and other items. “Left & Write” is located directly across the street from the “Quirky Carrot Restaurant,” at 8 Main Street North, in Alexandria.