By Lynn Macnab

After months of deliberations, confrontations and meetings with council and library board members to keep the Dalkeith Library open, “Friends of the Dalkeith Library” spokesperson Brenda Noble has some very good news. “It seems that council is on our side,” she said after a Monday meeting with North Glengarry mayor and councilors. “They want to see the library building open and used and are prepared to work with us.”

Noble said she couldn’t be happier after spending hours trying to convince the SD&G Library Board to keep Ontario’s most Easterly library and last public building in Dalkeith open. Noble met with Mayor Chris McDonell, Deputy Mayor Jamie MacDonald, councilors Brian Caddell and North Glengarry CAO Daniel Gagnon.

“All agreed that we could work something out to keep it alive,” says Noble, who’s now gathering volunteers and supporters.

“We have a fantastic group of people willing to help and volunteer to keep this going,” says Noble. “But we need other items now like furniture and shelves.”

Though the Dalkeith library will no longer be part of the SD&G system, she hopes it will continue to accommodate the many Dalkeith residents who’ve relied on it for books, internet access and community bonding.

A meeting with North Glengarry councilors will take place after Thanksgiving to determine the next steps to ensure library access.

“We’re finally making progress,” says Noble, who hopes to have it up and running by the end of October and is happy to take donations. “This is a great step forward.”