Last weekend monsters were slain, fairies gained magical powers and a king was entombed in stone, during the third annual Grande Bataille de Rudecombe medieval festival. It was all in good fun and no one was injured during the battle, which was a cross between role-playing and sport.

The battle was first held by Mario and Chantal Lascelles three years ago, at their farm, which is located just outside of Vankleek Hill, in The Nation Township. The battle includes axe-throwing, archery and sword fighting. The competition tailors to children, so most of the arrows have cushioned tips and the swords and axes are over-sized and made of foam.

Throughout the weekend the children worked in teams and small groups to fulfill a variety of quests. They collected points along the way and had to solve a number of puzzles.

More than 25 children and a few adults participated in the battle this year, including the Lascelles’ two daughters, Morgane and Clementine.

This was the first time that the event was open to the public and Mario Lascelles said that the response was good. The festival is expected to return next year. Lascelles said that he is hoping to increase participation, as more families hear of the event and choose to join the fun.

If you’re interested in participating in next year’s battle, you are encouraged to join the event’s closed Facebook Group at “Grande Bataille de Rudecombe.” New members are encouraged to join and they are regularly added by site administrators.