This is the conversation that most of us do not want to have. It is something most of us do not want to think about: end of life planning.
Two women have decided to bring together their career experience to help people plan for end of life.
Donna Maodus and Heidi Salib gave a presentation at the Hawkesbury Public Library last Friday evening, September 15.
End-of-life planning could be to think about what would happen if your life suddenly changed and you needed help due to an illness or accident.
“TLC” is the name of their company;  TLC stands for Timely Life-Plan Conversations.
It is important to look at alternatives, say the women.
The Ontario Senior Strategy focuses on having seniors living longer and healthier. There are a variety of living facilities, including retirement homes and communities and facilities which offer complex care.
Think about what is right for you.
You can learn about medical procedures offered at end of life.
You should have power of attorney documents for your financial matters and a second power of attorney document which gives authority to someone for your care if health decisions need to be made when you are unable to make them for yourself. Choose a substitute decision-maker.
Talk about your wishes with your substitute decision-maker and/or with a health care provider.
Record your end-of-life wishes. Write them down or record a video!
Senior housing was discussed. Waiting lists for the limited housing available can be an added stress for seniors.
Is there a developer who might be willing to build something innovative if information was available on the number of people over the age of 70 who are capable and want to live on their own?
Canadians are living longer, say the two retired career nurses and it’s time to take control.
Research has shown that advance care planning significantly reduces stress, depression and anxiety in family members and caregivers who know these wishes and can act on their behalf with confidence.
TLC can get you started. You can contact Timely Life-Plan Conversations by calling Donna Maodus at 613-306-8955 or Heidi Salib at 514-475-2645.