The United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) proceeded with the launch of its new website today, providing residents and visitors with improved access to all types of information regarding this regional government and the many services it offers.

The last revision of the UCPR’s website dates back to 2011. Over the past five years, information technology standards as well as the needs and expectations of users have evolved greatly. The UCPR administration therefore initiated a website redesign project in 2015, meeting with several suppliers and establishing specific criteria for a complete visual and technological redesign.

“Over time, the expectations of our residents and users have increased, with good reason, and we must respond to those requirements accordingly,” stated Stéphane P. Parisien, Chief Administrative Officer of the UCPR. “Furthermore, our internal team identified the need to improve the search for information and answers on our website, and this became an essential component of the project.”

The UCPR entertained bids from about one dozen companies and a committee narrowed it down to their three top choices.
In the end, the new website came in at a cost of $40,000, or $45,200 with tax. Included in this price is a complete revision/refresh of the website after four years, from CivicLive, which designed the new website.

Among other things, users will discover a brand new homepage – colourful, simple and informative. A series of menus will direct visitors to the various sections of the website, in order to find the desired information in three mouse clicks or less. Other links will bring users to the schedule of Council meetings and events, to the UCPR’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, and to the websites of the eight local municipalities. The UCPR’s new website also responds to the new accessibility standards of the Province of Ontario.

“This new website will provide a superior user experience, an improved customer service, and a quick access to information that our residents deserve – and always in our two official languages,” explained Guy Desjardins, Warden of the UCPR for 2016.

Visit the UCPR’s new website at