When a flashing engine warning light began blinking on their RV, Angelika and Henner Weigand thought their once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation across North America was finished. To save money, they had shipped their RV from their home in Hamburg, Germany, to the state of Maryland in the U.S. They travelled more than 21,000 kilometres across the U.S. to near Ottawa, where their troubles began.

Driving in a European–made Fiat Pro Master, it was difficult to find a garage that could help them. A large Fiat dealer near Ottawa attempted to find the problem, but told the Weigands that due to a software incompatibility issue, they couldn’t locate the problem. They suggested a farm equipment dealership in Dunvegan.

“At the farm tractor dealer in Dunvegan, we met a friendly guy who was interested in our car problems. He offers his own help if we don’t find it at the dealer and he gives us his card,” said Angelica Weigand, in an email to The Review.

After assessing the problem, the Weigands are informed that the Dunvegan garage can’t fix the problem. Fiat Canada and Fiat Italy are equally unable to help.

“Nobody can help us at the tractor dealership. What shall we do now? We are thinking about shipping our RV back to Germany. Our vacation would be finished. It’s at this moment that we remember the card given to us by the friendly guy at the garage,” said Weigand.

In a last-ditch effort, the Weigands head to Jim Titus’ s garage, located on Country Road 10, in Vankleek Hill.
Within moments of inspecting the motor, Titus notices that the cable for the cruise control is in the wrong place. After reconnecting the cable and topping off the oil, the RV is fixed.

Titus refused payment for his service and wished his new friends a happy adventure.

“We want to say many thanks to Jim Titus and his wife, Wanda for this extraordinary, competent help. We wish them many pleased customers and much success in the future. We will never forget them,” said Weigand.