Community organizations can apply for financial assistance from Champlain Township until October 15, 2023

Funding requests can be defined as events/projects/programs that support, sustain, promote, inform, educate, celebrate, preserve, and/or provide access to the arts, culture, environment, heritage, recreation and/or health activities. Request for financial assistance for events of municipal significance would be expected to bring economic and/or public relations benefit to the Township.

The different types of grants awarded under the Municipal Grants Policy are as identified:

  1. Community Grant
  2. Special Event Grant
  3. Facility Usage Grant

Municipal Review of Application

All requests for financial grants will be considered during the township’s upcoming budget deliberations.

The township’s administrative staff will review each community grant application to ensure that all necessary information is provided before the grant application is submitted to council for consideration. The township will assess the value of the in-kind requests and include it in the grant application before bringing it to council.

All grant requests will be assessed in terms of the need for the project, cost-effectiveness, financial viability, long-term viability, level of contribution to the community’s quality of life and community involvement/response.

In reviewing grant applications and preparing recommendations, the following factors are considered:

  • Quality and credibility of the organization and program (e.g., accreditation, licenses), including demonstrated organizational efficiency, effectiveness and stability.
  • Sufficient organizational capacity to deliver the proposed service.
  • Demonstrated community need for the proposed service.
  • Financial need to implement the proposal.
  • Number of Champlain residents to be served.
  • Benefits to individuals, families, organizations and the community at large.
  • Role and number of volunteers.
  • Uniqueness of service.
  • More than one external funding source sought.
  • Partnership roles, collaborative relationships and community interaction.
  • Value of other Township programs, services and financial assistance provided.
  • Evaluation results.
  • Completeness of application – all documents provided and all questions answered.
  • Quality of application – thorough, clear and convincing presentation of information and rationale.

Less favoured applications are those which:

  • Rely solely on township for the success of the project.
  • Demonstrate insufficient partnering or collaboration.
  • Duplicate project already exist in the community.
  • Incomplete, unclear or unconvincing application.
  • Has not complied with the Township’s requirements in the past.

Organizations that are engaged in illegal activities (e.g. non-registered raffle or lottery), even after being advised by the Township, will be disqualified from receiving funding.

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