Tuesday, September 12 was the final scene for the former Cinémas Laurentiens building in Grenville. Demolition of the building on rue Principale began that morning.

The building was home to the movie theatre for more than 50 years. Owners Yvon Myner and Danielle Lacasse retired in October, 2021. The cinema was operated by the Montréal-based CinéStarz chain until October 2022 and then closed permanently. The property has been sold and a developer plans to build condominiums on the site.

During the morning of September 12, Lacasse and Myner were across the street watching a heavy equipment operator begin the process of tearing down their former place of business and home. Several of Lacasse and Myner’s family members and friends had also joined them.

“There’s always people coming in and seeing us,” Lacasse said.

Myner was taking a positive approach to the demolition day.

“Life has to continue,” he remarked.

“It’s going to be a renewal with the condos they want to build there,” Myner added.

Cinémas Laurentiens demolition photos by James Morgan