An artist from Vankleek Hill will be featured at an exhibition in Florence, Italy later this summer.

Painter Nathalie Frenière’s work will be exhibited in Florence with ceramic art by Lise B.L. Goulet of Ottawa.

Sky, Land and Sea / Cielo, Terra e Mare is an exhibition that promotes artistic and cultural products of French Ontario. The works by Frenière and Goulet celebrate the grandeur and beauty of nature but also and simultaneously invite reflection on an ecosystem weakened by overexploitation on a global scale.

Frenière uses oil paints to depict especially expansive luminous skies in an abstract language bordering on non-figurative. Using a variety of tools, Goulet stamps and gouges the malleable clay, impressing on it marine forms floating in the deep waters.

The Sky, Land and Sea / Cielo, Terra e Mare exhibition at the Armando Xhomo Gallery in Florence will run from August 5 to 19.

This event is made possible thanks to a grant received from the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) and with the support of the Fondation Clément-Bérini Foundation (,

In collaboration with Gallery Art Art – Armando Xhomo and curator and art critic Marta Lock, this European exhibition features two Franco-Ontarian artists affiliated with the Bureau des regroupements des artistes visuels de l’Ontario (BRAVO: www., which Frenière and Goulet are part of.