The signs will go up shortly informing drivers to slow down sooner when approaching Vankleek Hill from the east. Likewise, drivers will have to go further before speeding up while driving east out of town.

On Wednesday, May 24, United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) council adopted a bylaw which extends the 50 kilometres per hour speed limit on County Road 10 east for another 300 metres from its present terminus where the speed limit currently changes from 50 kilometres per hour to 60 kilometres.

The speed limit reduction in the area follows a request from Champlain Township to review the safety of the intersection after several collisions nearly took place there. The intersection is busy as Terry Fox Drive is the entrance to the Vankleek Hill Business Park. Drivers attempting to turn onto County Road 10 from Terry Fox Drive could not safely see traffic approaching from the east at 60 kilometres per hour due to the crest of a hill.