The soup’s on and the stakes are high for Makai Timm-Sabourin.

The grade 12 student at Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute (VCI) is competing this week at the Ontario Skills Competition in Toronto. He is aiming for the title of top secondary school cook in the province at the May 2 event. Results will be known sometime on May 3. Timm-Sabourin previously placed second at a regional competition in Brockville and first at a provincial qualifying event in Kingston.

The competitors in Toronto will be making a meal with minestrone soup as an appetizer, burger as main course, and a brownie for dessert.

“Everyone makes the same thing, it’s easier to judge,” Timm-Sabourin said.

The students are timed while they prepare the meal.

On April 27, Timm-Sabourin was rehearsing for the competition in Toronto and made a pot of minestrone soup in the VCI cooking classroom and offered samples to students and staff, much to their enjoyment.

Timm-Sabourin has been interested in cooking since he was much younger. He began watching cooking shows on television and videos on YouTube. He is set to graduate high school later this spring and has plans to study Culinary Management at Algonquin College in Ottawa. After that, Timm Sabourin plans to see where his planned career takes him. He would like to use his culinary career and talents to work in kitchens around the world.

“It’s a good way to travel,” Timm-Sabourin said.