A flashing signal light will not be installed at the intersection of Front Road (County Road 4) and Golf Road in East Hawkesbury.

In response to a request from the Township of East Hawkesbury, United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) Director of Public Works Jérémie Bouchard responded to the township with a letter explaining that an analysis by Department of Public Works staff conducted an analysis of the intersection and found that the sightlines do not conform to the geometric design standards for Ontario highways and that is why a signage warning of a hidden intersection is already installed on Front Road. Bouchard explained that adding a flashing signal would not improve the situation, nor would installing a turn signal help drivers see the intersection more quickly, because the intersection is located on a horizontal curve, and not a vertical curve formed by a hill. Additionally, UCPR Public Works research found only two minor collisions had taken place at the intersection during a period of three years (2016 to 2018), which is not sufficient to justify the addition of a signal light.

The UCPR is instead proposing to prune a portion of the trees of the property located on the southeast corner of the intersection to improve visibility. In addition, larger hidden intersection signage will be installed on Front Road than what is currently there. Bouchard the larger signage will be installed, even though the location of the current sign is far enough away from the intersection that it does not keep the attention of approaching drivers.

The UCPR Department of Public Works will communicate with the property owner about the need to prune the trees to improve visibility.

The notification from Bouchard about the intersection was received by East Hawkesbury Township council when it met on April 11. Councillor Monique Desjardins commented that while the situation can be resolved, the tree involved is large.

Surplus land

Surplus land in East Hawkesbury could be going up for sale soon.

On April 11, council approved a resolution to permit Chief Administrative Officer Luc Lalonde to have 1.13 hectares of municipal land appraised before potentially being sold on the real estate market.

The triangular piece of land is located Lot 14, Concession 2, which is between the intersection of Concession Road 1 and County Road 14, and the Highway 417 interchange (Exit 5).

Lalonde said township policy first requires an appraisal of the land value to be performed before it may be sold.  

Deputy Mayor Jacques Tranchemontagne asked about the zoning of the land.

Lalonde said the property is currently zoned highway commercial but could possibly be rezoned for residential use.

Map showing surplus land, shaded in blue, which the Township of East Hawkesbury is having appraised before a possible sale on the real estate market. Township of East Hawkesbury map.