Work has resumed on the Grenville Canal rehabilitation project.

Due to the ongoing work, the boat launch beside the pier will remain closed to all use in 2023.

Construction contractors have put barriers in place to control traffic and limit access in the area. The village of Grenville requests that people respect the construction zone and are reminded that only authorized construction personnel are permitted in the area. The sidewalk along rue Canal Nord is limited to use by residents only. The restrictions are to remain in place until the autumn of 2023.

The $5 million rehabilitation project includes construction of new canal walls and a walkway along the historic waterway, which was first constructed by the British Army for defence purposes in the 1830’s. The canal has been closed to navigation for many years due to the instability of the old stone walls. The rehabilitation will allow for boats to use the canal again and enhance the canal as a recreation area.

Looking west from the area where rehabilitation work is being done on the Grenville Canal. Photo: James Morgan