Alicia Heinzle, Children and Youth Librarian, Champlain Library

The Mermaid, by Christina Henry

Book review by Alicia Heinzle, Children’s & Youth Services Librarian

A vast ocean, an unusual circus and a real-life mermaid.

Amelia, the mermaid, dreams of life on land. She is drawn to it one day by a fisherman.

The infamous P.T. Barnum, circus owner, catches wind that an actual mermaid exists in a cold, tiny town and he cannot tame his excitement. He persuades his right-hand man to entice the mermaid to join their show. Amelia, wanting to see the world, believes this is her opportunity to do so.

Terms are drawn, and Amelia struggles to balance the work she has agreed to and the freedom she desperately holds onto. Is the world ready to believe in this magical creature or will it consume the beauty of her?

Christina Henry is an experienced author that creates and immerses readers in a world of wonder. I was captivated from the beginning by the fantastical tales of mer-people, the depths of the oceans, and the sheer magic and miracles that a circus can hold.

I love escaping into fantasy novels and this one was even more enjoyed lying on the sand and listening to the waves.

A little about me: I absolutely LOVE the water. I am a fish when it comes, to a pool, river, lake, or ocean. There is something magical and freeing about diving into a body of water.