This Week in Local History – April 5, 2023 – The Review Archives

10 Years ago

Sweet, sweet success!

The Review, April 10, 2013 – MAXVILLE – As the maple syrup season in Eastern Ontario slowly comes to an end, local producers of the sweet elixir seem pleased with the run, especially after 2012’s disappointing harvest. “It’s one of the best seasons ever,” gushed syrup producer Garry Howes, who runs a small operation near Maxville. Last year’s mild March cut Ontario’s maple syrup production by 54 per cent over the previous year and was the worst in five years.

25 Years Ago

Businesses lobby for more ice storm relief

The Review, April 8, 1998 – ST. ISIDORE – Area businesses are trying to form a united front to lobby for more ice storm assistance from the provincial government. Existing relief packages are insufficient because they do not account for the real losses firms suffered during January’s ice storm. That was the consensus of about 50 local business owners who agreed to form an ad hoc lobby committee at a meeting last Wednesday in St. Isidore.

50 Years Ago

Funarama Night at PCPS

The Review, April 11, 1973 – PLEASANT CORNERSBy Greig Pilon and John Russell – On the night of Friday, March 30, a very successful Funarama Night was held at Prescott County Public School by the ‘Busy Eights’. Many people showed up to participate in the various games and activities. Some of the games consisted of Spin-the-wheel; Scoop-pin; Dart-throw; and Mini-golf. All proceeds will go to furthering the fund for the Grade Eight trip to the Maritimes in the first week in June.

75 Years Ago

Hawkesbury votes against opening of cocktail lounges

The Review, April 8, 1948 – HAWKESBURY – About 40 per cent of the voters in Hawkesbury have answered “no” on the two questions put to them concerning the sale of liquor in dining rooms and cocktail lounges. The final count released after the close of the polls indicated 1,970 against and only 831 in favour.

100 Years Ago

Ice houses boosted by L’Orignal sawmill

The Review, April 6, 1923 – L’ORIGNAL – Previous to this winter, as a rule, all ice house owners in this vicinity had to go to Hawkesbury for their supply of sawdust to pack their ice. But since Mr. Fauvel’s sawmill has been running, the supply is secured there, and even several from Hawkesbury have had to come here for their supply.

125 Years Ago

Snowbank as high as the trees

The Review, April 7, 1898 – VANKLEEK HILL – One of the biggest snowbanks seen here for a long time was on High Street this week, opposite Mr. McDougall’s store. The bank reached up into the branches of the trees. It was estimated to be at least 18 feet high.