To The Editor,

We live in a world of uncertainty, a world with more questions than answers. The sad thing is that worldwide we refuse to take global climate change seriously. When the powers that be say that they will save 30 per cent of our land, lakes and oceans, only the protection of 10 per cent might be done. Throwing the people a bone just to shut them up always works because we don’t push the fight any further, not like Action Champlain of which they have my highest praise for not giving up, not like the rest of us.
Instead of trusting our scientists around the world who have been trying to alert us about climate change, instead of attacking the problem to truly bring about change, governments around the world prefer to pander to the big polluters, cement plants, mining, pulp and paper, oil and gas, forestry, farming and automobile plants. Rather than trying to cut down on pollution and saving all the forest we can, we choose to put all our eggs in one basked, electric cars.
Premier Legault of Québec is talking about mining in the Boreal forest for lithium, cobalt and nickel. More mass destruction of our forests and the earth below them purely for financial gain and a pipe dream of a cleaner world.
Our own Premier Doug Ford, apart from decimating the Greenbelt around Toronto, is also talking about heavy mining in Northern Ontario for the very same lithium, cobalt and nickel. Once the roads are expanded in both Québec and Ontario, it opens the door to mass deforestation, drilling oil manufacturing in all areas. Is nothing sacred anymore?
I always try to figure things out, especially why so many people don’t believe in climate change. Many people I talk to tell me about documentaries they saw. They should check the fine print. Were they made possible by Exxon or Shell?I trust science when I see the loss of our glaciers, when I see the magnitude of the storms and their frequency, I find it really alarming. I’ve also heard from a very few that climate change is caused by the sun and that we, the people of this amazing planet, have done nothing wrong to help promote the climactic problem we now face.
Social media, of which so many of you are addicted, can often weave a web of lies and falsehoods, and there is so much misinformation fed to you through your electronic pacifier. You’re nearly grasping at straws and wading true a quagmire of pure crap.
Hello artificial intelligence. Tread very carefully, for you are all on a very slippery slope.
Good luck to you!

Good luck to you!

Andy Perreault