Over my lifetime, I’ve gathered a large quantity of things that fill every room in my house. These include new, unused items such as designer shoes and clothes (Chanel etc.) and vintage items in excellent condition (1960s comics, 1967 memorabilia, 1960s toys etc).

I’ve decided to donate to a charity or charities but to my surprise I can’t find any that offer tax receipts. They used to. I was told the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) allows tax deductions for fair market value and that the donor would make a list of the donated items with photos and a fair market value for each item. I’ve phoned CRA but I can’t find anyone to confirm this.

Can The Review perhaps do an article on this type of thing: elderly person wants to have a tax receipt for donation of valuable (non-garage sale) items but can’t find out how or where to get such a thing?