To The Editor,
   All winter long a herd of turkeys have been invading my backyard to partake of the feeder scatterings
left by the lesser birds. I call them a herd because they prefer to walk though snow rather than fly over
it. When they do fly, gliding across barren fields from their roosting places, they come in formation
 like an air force squadron on a mission to a target.
   Lately, the Toms have been battling to see who gets to send out the Valentines, a sure sign of Spring.
The object seems to be to clamp your beak onto the other guy’s neck and take him down.
This is done with a great flutter of wings and fan display. Unfortunately, beauty is only feather deep:
 the Tom’s have faces only a Pilgrim could love. They obviously don’t take after their namesake.
   Another sign of an early Spring, our resident ground hog, Roadkill Reggie, didn’t see his shadow again
 this year. Mind you, he doesn’t have much of a shadow to see, but on the up side, he doesn’t run back
 to his burrow either. His predecessor, Mortality Moe got into a rough scrape with a snow plow, but Reggie has real staying power.
   And so, Happy Early Spring everyone!
Tom Gonzalez

Thomas Gonzalez
Vankleek Hill