Allemande left, allemande right, swing your partner, Promenade! All square-dancing calls with which you may be familiar – whether it be because you are or were a square dancer yourself, or simply watched the Looney Tunes episode ‘Hillbilly Hare’.

Square-dancing is popular, especially in rural areas like ours. At any wedding, community dance, fair etc. you will always see large crowds getting up to the dance floor for a real good two-stepping tune. The older generations like to tell stories of how every Friday night they would get together at the old community hall for a good social square dance. In the good old days, square-dancing was a large part of Prescott County’s Junior Farmers. Competitions throughout the provinces are held, as are wonderful social events at which where everyone gets to dance, meet new people, and enjoy refreshments.

It seems like everyone in our parents and grandparents’ generations square-danced at one point or another, but now a days it’s harder and harder to get groups together for competitions. Like anything else life gets in the way and makes it hard to find time to practice or work out
dates that can get enough people together to form a set. We would hate to see it fade out from our community completely, when it has been such a huge part of it for so many years.

Whether you know how two-step or not, square dancing is a dance anyone can learn. It is a guided dance, so once you learn the moves to the calls, it easy to follow along, whether you are a seasoned dancer or a beginner. Even more importantly, square dancing always leads to laughter, smiles and good exercise of course!

The Vankleek Fiddle and Step Association is hoping to get more of the community up and dancing again! No matter your age or experience, we want to give you the chance to kick the dust of your dancing shoes and come enjoy a laughter-filled night with good music and good friends – old and new. Come out to the Anglican Church Hall on Friday, Feb. 10 at 7:30 p.m. to freshen up your two-stepping feet and have a good time.

There’s one thing my family continuously is being reminded of: LIFE IS TOO SHORT! If you love to dance or listen to fiddle music, don’t let anything hold you back from coming out and letting loose. A long week, or worrying you won’t know what you’re doing, might keep you from wanting to head back out into the cold winter air, but there is nothing better for the soul than a good night of music, laughter and friends.

Don’t let any excuse keep you from chasing your dreams, or getting out and doing the things you love. We only have one life to live and we must make the most of it! A good promenade around the hall is an excellent way of doing that.