The Vankleek Hill Rockets were well represented at the annual Finch Youth Broomball Tournament last weekend (January 14-15).

The Rockets U12 team took home third place in their division, behind the first place Finch Black Shadows and second place Russell Team Black. Vankleek Hill won its first game 1-0 in the tournament before losing 1-0 twice in extended overtime.

In the U14/16 Division, the Finch Wildcats, featuring seven players from the Rockets who play in both leagues, took home second place. Team Orange took first in U14/16, with Russell Team Green taking home third place.

Vankleek Hill’s U9 team also played well in the exhibition U9 Division, winning their first game 6-0. For the team’s second game in the fun U9 division, the coaches pulled the strong players back and also used them in net. The Rockets ended up losing 1-0, but the kids had fun.